Monday, February 25, 2008

I've not posted in a long long time but I have good reason! My computer has the flu. I thought I would try again tonight to post a new blog but everytime I try to upload a picture the computer locks up on me! We need to take it to the doctor. Speaking of the flu my family has all escaped it up to this point (knock on wood). We've had a few sinus infections and croupy cough but so far we've avoided anything severe.
I wanted to post pics to go with my update but I guess I'll have to try that again later!
For starters, my baby ( the big one ) got glasses a couple of weeks ago. They look cute on her but I know what lies ahead for her! Don't worry girls, I didn't get her pink ones!
Last Thursday, Taylor was in the school play. She was Rosalyn Carter ( Jimmy Carter's wife ). She did a great job. I cannot believe she is in the 3rd grade.
Courtlyn has started potty training! We have been working on it for about a month now! I'm so proud of her - she is such a go getter. She is my little motivated peanut...she picks up on things so quick! She can almost count to 10 and she is singing along with us when we say our ABC's. She is speaking in small sentences such as " I gotta go potty" or " Mommy, I'm scared" and " I'm tired, it's bedtime". What a little sponge of knowledge she is. I'm pretty sure we are Harvard Bound.
I'll update more soon - we stay busy, busy, busy and it's a rare moment I get to sit at the computer and work on downloading and posting new info. Spring Break is on the horizon though and I CANNOT wait!
Love you all!