Monday, July 30, 2007


Okay Mr. Gas Station Attendant Man - this is for you. As I am sitting outside the gas station the other day waiting for Chad to come out I begin reading the sign on the propane tank out of complete boredom. As I'm reading that Propane is extremely flammable and life threatening if ignited, Mr. Gas Station Attendant Man - GSAM, walks out the door, lights up a smoke and leans against the Propane Tank Cage! The Propane Tank cage that is housing anywhere from 15 to 20 FULL TANKS OF FLAMMABLE LIQUID DEATH. What the......??? Can he not read? And how many times has he done this? I mean, whatever ya know, if he wants to endanger his life so be it but now he is infringing on MY right to safety. I sort of like my eyebrows where they are and would like to keep them there. Forget that we are also 10-15 feet away from another 8 FLAMMABLE tanks of GASOLINE. I mean what is wrong with people who SMOKE AT THE GAS STATION??? Aren't GSAM's trained somehow about gas station dangers? Do they not have to take HAZMAT and OSHA regulation courses? I begin fumbling in my purse trying to find my phone amidst all the coupons, teething rings, and chapstick tubes so I can call the 1-800 number on the Propane Tank sign that says I can call to inform them of any concerns regarding this tank, propane storage and suspected mistreatment of propane safety and regulation. Well, of course my phone has gotten lost in the abyss...but comes Chad. I roll the window down, tell him to jump in like right now, sling the GSAM a VERY dirty look and peel rubber out of the parking lot. I really do feel guilty about not reporting it but hey I wasn't hanging around any longer than necessary to scratch the number down. It may make be a bad citizen but at least I'm still breathing air and not getting eyebrows tattooed on to my forehead... NOTE TO EVERYONE....please wait until you're out of the gas station parking lot to light up. It's just smart for goodness sakes - Fire Safety 101 - we learn it in kindergarten. GEEZ.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

What is your problem? Do you realize how rich you are and that you have endless (positive ) options on how to manage your lifestyle? Do you realize you could buy my house with your lunch money? Get a hold of yourself! You've fallen into the stereotypical child star role. The internet is full of stories about whose to blame for your wild and crazy ways - it's your mom, it's your dad, it's your friends...blah blah blah. You ain't got anyone to blame but yourself sunshine. You've been an adult for 3 years now. The trial period is over and the warranty has expired. GROW UP. It's highly unlikely that in the coming years you will reflect back and think "Lindsay Blow-han" was an affectionate nickname. And I'm sure it's just a matter of time before someone dubs you "Lindsay Fully Loaded". I much more preferred you when you were acting smart - in your movies and real life. Despite my harshness, I really do like you. But unfortunately you're being censored in my house right now. See, I have an 8 year old daughter who loved you in Parent Trap and Freaky Friday. I'm pretty sure she's only familiar with the Coke you drink and I'd like to keep it that way. The other day she saw you posing with a surfboard wearing your alcohol detection bracelet. I told her it was your "Shark Repellant Bracelet". Came up with that pretty quick on my feet. It's pretty easy to do those kind of things when you're Drug Free. Tip: Next time you go to Rehab come on down to Tennessee and visit us at Cumberland Heights - just a step down from Promises.... I promise. Best of luck to you...we'll be praying for your recovery, your career, your happiness and your sobriety.

P.S. You are who you hang with....give Paris my best wishes as well. JY

Monday, July 23, 2007

Arrevadurci Pretty Pink Visual Aids

My friends really really really wanted to give my pink glasses a goodbye party. For the life of me I do not understand why they had such an interest in my much needed pink accessory. I know for a matter of fact I was stylin'. In my heart I know they were just jealous that they didn't think of it first. I've always understood that and managed to be tolerable of their ridicule because I could see past it and see the envy. So in that spirit I have decided to give them their wish and post a final farewell to a junior high memory - however, do not be deceived. My heart is not completely white. There is a small black spot. I've named that section : Paybacks. So I've decided to post one of my favorite photos of my friend Joy as well. Don't breathe easy yet Elizabeth - I'm still looking for your payback picture in my vault. More to be revealed.....

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lazy Summer Days

I've had a few complaints about not posting anything recently! Well, I honestly apologize but I have been quite busy...and restful. I had Lasik eye surgery on Thursday the 19th! It's amazing but I don't think it has quite sunk in yet that I have great vision without the help of visual aids!!! It'll take a week or so of not messing with contacts or glasses for it to really hit me I think! My right eye is pretty bloodshot and icky looking from the vacuum suction on the surgery machine but my eyesight is unbelievable. The doctors say the redness should be completely gone in a week or so. I am so thankful to God for such a blessing in my life - it's wonderful to be able to see my alarm clock when I roll over in the mornings, to be able to see my kids faces when they need me in the middle of the night. It's exceptional!

The kiddos and I have been lounging around and playing - nothing truly interesting but I've posted a few pics of my babies playing together and trashing our bonus room in the way only they can!

Isn't my Big Kiddo growing up bigtime? And so pretty.... And the lil' Kiddo - she thinks she's pretty cute herself...can't you tell? Ha!

Monday, July 9, 2007

My Favorites

Okay so this blog is a bit borrowed from Oprah's My Favorite Things Show and another bloggers page who borrowed the idea from Oprah. I decided it was pretty neat and was actually introduced to some cool products that she just LOVES so I decided to post my own My Favorites Blog! I hope something I have on here jumps out and grabs you and makes you go shopping!

Abercrombie 8 perfume :
If you've never smelled this - do it. Be sure to take your debit card, check card or a handful of cold hard cash cause you're gonna want some. Buy the big bottle. And the lotion.

Maple Nut Goodies :
My Granny started me on these as a kiddo. They're addictive. I've got mini-me addicted to them too. If I start the bag it's gone in less than 24 hours.

Soft Lips Chap Stick :
I'll let the name of this product speak for itself. I recommend Strawberry Flavor. It's refreshing and a good buy - if you browse carefully you can find a 2 pack for the same price as an individual!

Travel Placemat for Babies :
If you have small children, know someone with small children or think someday you may ever have a small child, run out and buy one of these JUST IN CASE the company decides to discontinue them before you get to that point. This product has been a lifesaver for Chad and I! We can go to dinner at a restaurant and actually enjoy the meal. It's easy to clean, rolls up neatly and fits easily into a diaper bag! We take it everywhere we go. It has a little trough ( I'm sure that's not the name the company calls it but that's exactly what it is ! ) that catches all the extra food instead of depositing it in my babies lap! Genius - whoever designed it deserves an award.

Target Method Brand Cut Grass Air Freshener :
Yeah, I know, sounds a little too earthy but trust me's fabulous and fresh! Target sells this in a spray, air freshener disk and a plug-in as seen above. As everyone who knows me knows I love smelly stuff and this is by far the best smelling smelly thing I've come across in years! Trust me and try it. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Bare Escentuals Make-Up
This is really good stuff. I've already convinced several people to start using this makeup and they love it as much as I do. Just go to Green Hills Mall. Go to Sephora. It's downstairs. Just try it. The starter kit is only 60.00 and you get quite an assortment of products to start with. It's amazing what this stuff can cover but you can't even see makeup on your face. I recommend you also purchase the Brush Cleaner Spray. It is sold seperately but it's great for cleaning your brushes in between colors - and with the starter kit alone you get 3 neat brushes! Go try it!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ok the girls and I decided to go shopping today while Daddy was in class. Yes he's taking classes to be a real estate agent so keep us in mind ( and I say us because when we got hitched I got included in on everything - and that means all his income ) if you ever need to buy or sell su casa. So anyway, we went shopping to spend some of Taylor's birthday money and it was quite an interesting script flip because all of a sudden she's super picky about what she wanted to buy and was extremely conscientious about the cost! WHAT?!?!?! You mean you don't want to buy "Twist and Disco Dance Pad" because it costs 27.80 and that's too much money??? That's not what you were saying two weeks ago when you wanted Mommy to buy it for you for your birthday when it wasn't on sale and cost 39.99! So lesson in point : Make your kids money conscious from the get go! I'm preaching the concept of allowance even though I've never done it before in the past! Today was an eye-opener for me and how I might be able to help my child appreciate the value of a dollar - make her spend hers instead of mine. I even made her buy her own Icee as we left Target - after she bought a new gameboy game - the cheaper one for 19.99 instead of one of the better options for 29.99! And then I made her share her Icee with me! She was smart enough not to argue about it. Let's see if she keeps up with this new gameboy game better than she does the one's bought with the 'rents money! Hmmm, we'll see........

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day

This was Courtlyn's very first Independence Day! We had a wonderful time at a cookout with our friends but it was bittersweet because Taylor wasn't with us this year! She is at church camp for the first time. Quite a few firsts for us this week! I'm sure she is having a blast with all her friends, swimming, doing crafts and worshipping the Lord! However, we sure miss her like crazy! Courtlyn really really enjoyed the fireworks. We were quite surprised that they didn't scare her at all. She kicked her legs like crazy and laughed everytime they went off. She also had her very first cupcake at the cookout. We consider it good practice for our first birthday cake coming up next month! She enjoyed it thoroughly and is ready for her big day!