Monday, July 30, 2007


Okay Mr. Gas Station Attendant Man - this is for you. As I am sitting outside the gas station the other day waiting for Chad to come out I begin reading the sign on the propane tank out of complete boredom. As I'm reading that Propane is extremely flammable and life threatening if ignited, Mr. Gas Station Attendant Man - GSAM, walks out the door, lights up a smoke and leans against the Propane Tank Cage! The Propane Tank cage that is housing anywhere from 15 to 20 FULL TANKS OF FLAMMABLE LIQUID DEATH. What the......??? Can he not read? And how many times has he done this? I mean, whatever ya know, if he wants to endanger his life so be it but now he is infringing on MY right to safety. I sort of like my eyebrows where they are and would like to keep them there. Forget that we are also 10-15 feet away from another 8 FLAMMABLE tanks of GASOLINE. I mean what is wrong with people who SMOKE AT THE GAS STATION??? Aren't GSAM's trained somehow about gas station dangers? Do they not have to take HAZMAT and OSHA regulation courses? I begin fumbling in my purse trying to find my phone amidst all the coupons, teething rings, and chapstick tubes so I can call the 1-800 number on the Propane Tank sign that says I can call to inform them of any concerns regarding this tank, propane storage and suspected mistreatment of propane safety and regulation. Well, of course my phone has gotten lost in the abyss...but comes Chad. I roll the window down, tell him to jump in like right now, sling the GSAM a VERY dirty look and peel rubber out of the parking lot. I really do feel guilty about not reporting it but hey I wasn't hanging around any longer than necessary to scratch the number down. It may make be a bad citizen but at least I'm still breathing air and not getting eyebrows tattooed on to my forehead... NOTE TO EVERYONE....please wait until you're out of the gas station parking lot to light up. It's just smart for goodness sakes - Fire Safety 101 - we learn it in kindergarten. GEEZ.

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