Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our Family Vacation


We had a limited amount of time to take a family vacation this year so we decided to try out a new resort in Sevierville, Tennessee. We went to "Wilderness at the Smokies" which has a waterpark on site~ While they are still expanding we had a wonderful time.
The current waterpark is not very big but it was plenty big enough for what we needed it for!
It was very nice to be able to go right upstairs to our room if we needed to during the day at the waterpark. The server at the hotel restaurant said once they finish the resort completely, it will be the biggest waterpark in the United States. We will definitely consider going back once it is completed.
The kids had a BIG time and never noticed how small it was. It kept them completely occupied. We have discovered that Courtlyn is quite the water bug. She would have stayed at the waterpark every second of every day. Taylor had a good time going down the three waterslides. Her daddy and I took a few turns down the slides ourselves. Kids at heart, we are. And don't think for one second that Courtlyn got left out........

Outside The Peddler in downtown Gatlinburg waiting on dinner. Which was YUMMY.

Courtlyn and Daddy hanging out with a float?

Well yeah! They put it to good use!

Taylor's float got plenty of use!

Time and Time Again!

My cute family watching the Fireworks in Pigeon Forge

Taylor single handedly help up the Wonderworks Museum.
( Which is upside down! We really liked hanging out here~ )

Taylor and Courtlyn in a Spacecraft

Taylor attempting to climb the Rock Wall

Taylor and I experiencing Hurricane Force Winds

Courtlyn showing off her new Princess Bathing Suit and her Cheese Face!

Daddy and Taylor trying to lift their own weight

My beautiful babies on the Fourth of July