Sunday, August 24, 2008

Miscellaneous Moments

Well since I'm behind in posting pictures I decided to throw several things all in one giant blog and kill a few birds with one stone!

Courtlyn turned two on August 2nd. I cannot believe my little baby is speaking in complete sentences and making her own choices - she wants to pick out her own clothes and decide what is on her plate!
Her favorite breakfast is Pop-Arts ( pop-tarts ) and she likes to wear her bathing soup ( bathing suit ).

Taylor and Hannah. Notice my little neices tiara....she is the princess she thinks she is =).

Look how serious she is. She can be so intense and then fall over laughing. Shes so cute!

We went to the fair Friday night and met up with one of my BFF, Lucy and her husband Chuck and little boy, Carter. In this picture they are stripping corn and grinding it into cornmeal. We decided now was as good a time as any for them to learn a trade and support us when we get old. They LOVED to play with this - it was pretty neat!

Daddy and Courtlyn on the Carousel. Daddy had a hard time holding her on the horse. She kept throwing herself backward and laughing hysterically.

Taylor and her BFF, Abby jailed with Carter and Courtlyn. Court kept hiding behind the two foot mouse - she said she lubbed ( loved ) her.

We put Courtlyn in the pumpkin ride with Abby and Taylor. Court kept hanging her head out the pumpkin window and crying. One minute she would smile like she loved it and the next minute she was reaching out for Mommy or Daddy and crying so sadly. Daddy intervened and told the guy working the ride to make sure he stopped it on Courtlyns car when the ride ended so she could get out first. I think the experience hurt Daddy more than it did Courtlyn~

Yeah ~ 9 year old girls are sure something! Never a dull moment when these two are together!

Courtlyn is now taking gymnastics. She has such a good time and as you will see below, the Foam Pit is her VERY FAVORITE PART!
On the obstacle course :

Learning how to do a front roll over :

Learning to balance while rolling:

Climbing throught the rolling hole:

THE FOAM PIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at her hair!!!

She jumps in over and over and over. NO FEAR!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Props to my pal Lucy

A big thank you to my old school BFF, Lucy for keeping me talking on the phone tonight which helped me make it through one whole hour of treadmill torture.
Okay....thats dramatic I admit. It wasn't that bad but if it wasn't for her I would have probably succumbed to boredom at 40 minutes. Possibly 35.
I definitely am going to need a good pair of running shoes if I keep this gig up. I welcome any shoe recommendations since we all know running/jogging/fast walking is completely new to me. I mean really, we are talking about the girl who whines like a two year old when her husband parks too far down the Walmart aisle on our way in to pick up Ding Dongs and Frozen Pizza.
Which are now considered "Special Treats" in my dietary repertoire.
By the way, everyone try the Luna Sunrise Blueberry Bar. I highly, highly recommend this little yummy treat. If you are a Weight Watcher fan just know that is only 3 points. Makes a tasty breakfast treat. I've tried the Strawberry and Lemon Zest too which are also three points but the blueberry blows them away.
Official Standings* :
The Bronze - Strawberry
The Silver - Lemon Zest
The Gold goes to - Blueberry
*** The Olympics do not officially endorse this opinion - just little ( hee hee ) ol'me who knows good food!
Thanks for all your words of encouragement guys - it's been motivating and much appreciated!

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Ultimate Goal

Okay guys. I've had ENOUGH. I need your assistance and I'm clammoring for your support and bold face honesty in accomplishing a goal that is likely to take me down with it.

I am looking to look like this :

Ok so minus the blond hair and camo pants but everything else is a go..... well, I might go blond if I accomplish the rest just to see my husband's reaction =).

Now being as I am edjumacated in Dietetics we all know that I know perfectly well WHAT to eat. And as you all know me you know that doesn't mean squat. I like to EAT. And I like to tell you all about the wonderful new food I try so I can relive the moment and in my head cash the calories in twice.
SO - since we know I know better let's just skip that part and go straight to the "Hey as your friends who like to know we can share a seat with you if we need to could you please drop the doughnut? and the Venti Caramel Frappucino? and the Moo Shu Chicken? When I say " Hey guys, you wanna go out for ice cream?" You all say " No way Cottage Cheese Chicken Flesh Thighs - how bout going for a jog?"

I am 30 - I feel 50. So I'm attempting to do something about it. Last night I put the kids to bed and put my tennis shoes on. My dear cute husband says " Where are you going?" And I say "Outside to run on the treadmill." And he dang near faints.

Then I jog and run for 30 minutes - and I about faint. But I was SOOOO PROUD of me! I am going to make that a staple in my life. I'm hoping I run right out of Jamie and right into Jessica.

More to be revealed...... or less depending on how this goes........