Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Props to my pal Lucy

A big thank you to my old school BFF, Lucy for keeping me talking on the phone tonight which helped me make it through one whole hour of treadmill torture.
Okay....thats dramatic I admit. It wasn't that bad but if it wasn't for her I would have probably succumbed to boredom at 40 minutes. Possibly 35.
I definitely am going to need a good pair of running shoes if I keep this gig up. I welcome any shoe recommendations since we all know running/jogging/fast walking is completely new to me. I mean really, we are talking about the girl who whines like a two year old when her husband parks too far down the Walmart aisle on our way in to pick up Ding Dongs and Frozen Pizza.
Which are now considered "Special Treats" in my dietary repertoire.
By the way, everyone try the Luna Sunrise Blueberry Bar. I highly, highly recommend this little yummy treat. If you are a Weight Watcher fan just know that is only 3 points. Makes a tasty breakfast treat. I've tried the Strawberry and Lemon Zest too which are also three points but the blueberry blows them away.
Official Standings* :
The Bronze - Strawberry
The Silver - Lemon Zest
The Gold goes to - Blueberry
*** The Olympics do not officially endorse this opinion - just little ( hee hee ) ol'me who knows good food!
Thanks for all your words of encouragement guys - it's been motivating and much appreciated!


Joy said...

Sorry no shoe recomendations from me I don't do running!

Have you looked at my blog? I added more of Abby's proofs

Elizabeth said...

You are really one of the funniest peeps I know!! I love you! Glad I could help you acheive the one hour goal. :-)
Meant to tell you last night that I love Sauconys! And adidas are good too. New Balance are terrible, for me anyways. I have a plan. I will share it with you soon.

Heather and Jason said...

I stand/walk on my feet for about 8 hrs a day 5 days a week only in Sauconys. They are the most comfy shoes by far, believe me I have tried them all! Good luck with the exercise.