Friday, August 15, 2008

My Ultimate Goal

Okay guys. I've had ENOUGH. I need your assistance and I'm clammoring for your support and bold face honesty in accomplishing a goal that is likely to take me down with it.

I am looking to look like this :

Ok so minus the blond hair and camo pants but everything else is a go..... well, I might go blond if I accomplish the rest just to see my husband's reaction =).

Now being as I am edjumacated in Dietetics we all know that I know perfectly well WHAT to eat. And as you all know me you know that doesn't mean squat. I like to EAT. And I like to tell you all about the wonderful new food I try so I can relive the moment and in my head cash the calories in twice.
SO - since we know I know better let's just skip that part and go straight to the "Hey as your friends who like to know we can share a seat with you if we need to could you please drop the doughnut? and the Venti Caramel Frappucino? and the Moo Shu Chicken? When I say " Hey guys, you wanna go out for ice cream?" You all say " No way Cottage Cheese Chicken Flesh Thighs - how bout going for a jog?"

I am 30 - I feel 50. So I'm attempting to do something about it. Last night I put the kids to bed and put my tennis shoes on. My dear cute husband says " Where are you going?" And I say "Outside to run on the treadmill." And he dang near faints.

Then I jog and run for 30 minutes - and I about faint. But I was SOOOO PROUD of me! I am going to make that a staple in my life. I'm hoping I run right out of Jamie and right into Jessica.

More to be revealed...... or less depending on how this goes........


Perry Family said...

Sounds like you and I are both on the same mission right now. Maybe we can encourage each other!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl...I LOVE food too...a lot!! I know I eat out of boredom and to be entertained...its fun to eat! I have tried to take my focus off of food and on to running and working out. I have never ran in my life, unless someone is chasing me! I started about two months ago and am up to four miles now, I am training for a half marathon and that has shifted my focus because I am actually wanting to eat better to fuel better workouts, give me more energy and make me feel better over all. I am actually excited about running now and think it has helped because I am not focused on food, but I am losing weight in the process. Just an idea. I am always looking for another person to run with , wish we lived closer! You can do it. I have heard that long distance running is the best shaper for legs, and girl Jessica does have them!!! Keep it up girl!!

Elizabeth said...

You are hilarious!! I love to run. I have vowed to myself that I too will look like Jessica one day. And I will run 6 miles like its a walk in the park, like I did in college. But its SO hard!! I dont even have a full time out of the house job either. Although we dont live close we should just encourage each other and try to train together via email. :-) Hey, its a thought. And BTW, I know you CAN do it!

Sarah said...

So much for the emergency appetizers.... I'll meet you at the Y instead!

Joy said...

You are cracking me up!

Go here one of my blog mommies swears by it.

And read her story about the couch to 5k plan she says she is now a runner when she never was by following this

The Spencer Family said...

You GO girl. I know you can do it!!