Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Is HERE!!!

Taylor participated in our Church's Pinewood Derby for the first time this year. She didn't win but it was fun just getting to participate. In this picutre she's hanging out with two of her closest buds, Morgan and Abby. Her other big pal, Kailey was there somewhere but unfortunately missing from this pic =(
Courtlyn is very independent and is now dressing herself with a pretty good success rate. Even though yesterday was one of the hottest days of the year, she decided she wanted to wear her winter coat over her summer outfit! She was so cute!

The other day we were at Nana's and Courtlyn disappeared for a minute. When she resurfaced she was donning Nana's houseshoes. Her new thing is parading around the house in everyone else's shoes. She enjoys my heels the most and walks better in them than I do!

Our friend, Stephanie gave Courtlyn this ball cap and she LOVES it. I'm quite amazed but she wears it all the time! Isn't she CUTE!

Taylor and Abby played their last soccer game this Saturday. It was HOT! This is a pic of the girls after they dumped water from the cooler all over themselves!