Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Night out with My Daddy and John P.

Me, Dad and John....just hanging out ! Dad and I had an unbelievable opportunity last week to meet our lifelong favorite musician/songwriter that ever walked on earth. No exaggeration.

For those of you who've known me forever you know what a die hard John Prine fan Dad and I are. So you know I mean it when I say that we were completely and totally beside ourselves in the picture above.

John Prine held a benefit concert last Tuesday night at The Belcourt Theatre for Gilda's Club of Nashville to raise money for Cancer Awareness/Support. I bought us both a ticket to attend the concert and the Meet and Greet afterwards. The tickets were a little pricey but I tell you what - I would have paid double if they'd asked me to. It was for a great cause and I got to touch, talk to and breath the same air as my musical hero. And please notice above that he is touching me too. =)

The concert was AMAZING. Dad and I were some of the first few people in line so we got to choose our seats. We chose the 4th row back square in the middle...they were honestly the best seats in the house.

I'm well aware that most of you reading this have never heard of John Prine. Well let me tell you that you are missing out big time. There's never been another songwriter in history that can hold a candle to his story telling ability nor match the amount of heart he put's into his music or his concerts. My advice would be to look him up and take a listen. Look up "Hello In There", " Sam Stone " , " Angel from Montgomery", "Picture Show" or "Unwed Fathers".

Listen to the words....really listen. He's trying to tell you something.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Here lately I've come to realize just how fragile life is. How quickly it changes right in front of our eyes. How fast our babies grow up. How very unexpectedly tradgedy and devastation can move into our lives and change everything. And again how wonderful things happen every day. How life changes for everyone and affects us all in different ways. In the past couple of weeks I have witnessed so much change. Some wonderful and full of hope and new beginnings. Some sad that make us question life and it's purpose. I have watched my sister-in-law, Dee graduate from college with Honors and start a brand new life for her and her daughter. I have begun to prepare myself to say goodbye to my very best friend, Sarah as she heads off to a brand new start a thousand miles away. It's an amazingly hopeful and refreshing new beginning for her but a truly sad time for me. I have watched my wonderful friend, Magan get engaged and start preparing for her wedding and marriage. I am happy that she is so happy. I have been floored with the unexpected news that another friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer. It makes my heart hurt that she is scared and unsure of what is to come. It knocks the breath out of me. I have stood by my husband as he begins a new career. And this change alone evokes so many emotions and feelings.....happiness, pride, fear, and worry. In just a few weeks, I have seen great happiness, unwavering commitment, gut-wrenching fear, unfathomable heartbreak, hopeful giddyness, shining courage, and unsurpassable love. I am a very lucky woman to have each of these people in my life - to share their life changes with them. Good or bad. Easy or hard. Life changes with every breath, with every day, with everyone of us. Life is a gift and I am thankful that my life is intertwined with all of you. I am grateful that we have a just and loving God who is there for every change and for every situation. The fragility of life is something we should all try to keep in perspective. There will be ups and downs and in-betweens. How quickly it can go from one to the other is something we should all prepare ourselves for. And in the mean time remember who to give thanks to for all we are blessed with. Whether it is cancer, marriage, careers, or just everyday life, God is good and is always there to help us navigate our path. I ask that you all keep my family in your thoughts and especially in your prayers as Chad begins his new career with Metro. It is the dawn of a new lifestyle for us - we look forward to it all and are excited for what is to come. However, I cannot help but be worried about my husband and his safety everyday as he leaves our home. Thank you all so much for being there and for helping me maintain my sanity. I love you all very much! God Bless you all =)