Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day

The above picture is a shameless advertisement for my precious friend Courtney and her business...she makes and sells these too cute dresses and many other baby items. Check her out at the link to the left - Maddie Moo's Boutique. She's also on MySpace as my # 8 friend!

Today we had a very busy Thanksgiving! We went to Monterey to hang out at Pa Becks - thats up in the mountains for those of you who don't know and it was 37 degrees! Yuck. It started sleeting right before we left. It's hard to believe it was 70 something degrees yesterday. We had a fantastic feast at my Pa's house. We had more food than we knew what to do with. It was so yummy. We went by and visited with my Dad's side and Courtlyn ran around the house the whole time with my Aunt Tina's broom. She's my little sweeper....have to cash in on that when she's old enough to figure out how to use the dust pan!
Next, we came back home and went to Nana and Papaw's where we ate AGAIN! And it was fantastic too! My sister-in-law made a CARAMEL PIE!!! I ate a piece even when I didn't need to. Then she let me take the rest of it home...and I've already dipped into it once. I love her for letting me have it but it's gonna put 5 pounds on my backside!
We're very lucky to have such wonderful families and fortunate to have them close by so we can see them often.
I feel fortunate to have such an amazing husband who is an extraordinary father to our two precious, beautiful, sweet daughters. Life is crazy and busy and overwhelming all the time. But ... at the end of the day there's nothing better than spending time with my family, putting the kids down for the night and snuggling on the couch with my very best friend. I am so thankful for our relationship, our children, our home, our family, friends and church family. We feel blessed to be where we are right now and look forward to the future!

Taylor and Courtlyn were kissing each other through the door. It was so sweet!

Me and my sweet little neice, Hannah. She says the FUNNIEST things!

Taylor and Hannah

Isn't she sooooooooo pretty!

Me and my favorite cousin, Jennifer.

Courtlyn was playing her new favorite game - "Get ( fill in the blank )'s nose.
Today the lucky contestant in this picture is Gram!

Mommy and her BIG baby. Love her!

She says she loves me too. =)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Good Friends and Good Times

We spent this weekend with our friends! Saturday morning I went to Elizabeth's Surprise Baby Shower for lil' Mason who we CANNOT wait to see and hold! I had a great time seeing some friends I unfortunately don't get to see enough! Elizabeth was VERY surprised and she's one of the cutest pregnant people ever. She pulls off baby carrying very well! We had yummy food and played a hilarious paper bag game. I won't tell you about it just in case you ever get the chance to play it yourself! Saturday afternoon, we went to our little friend Shelby's birthday party! We had Happy Meals, cake and ice cream....YUMMY. I even got a little adventurous and took Courtlyn up in the PlayPlace. Once. Because once almost broke me down. She had a great time however sliding down the slide with Mommy! We're very lucky to have such wonderful friends to play with...young and old. Ha! Ha!
This pic looks a little familiar....I wouldn't know why!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Papaw's 80th Birthday Party

Saturday night, Nana threw an 80th birthday party for Papaw at The Hermitage Smorgasbord. We celebrated Papaw's newest milestone with all of Chad's family and Nana & Papaw's friends. We had a wonderful time. It was nice to hear everyones stories about Papaw and his influence in thier lives. We watched a slideshow with pictures of Papaw throughout the years. It was wonderful to see him in his younger years and meet the Papaw we never knew. Chad really admires his grandparents and we look to them as role models for our lives and marriage. They have been married for 58 years and their relationship is an amazing testimony of how successful a marriage can be when it is founded in Christ. The kids are both crazy about Papaw and they had a fun time hanging out and eating birthday cake! I included some pics to share with everyone!
Chad and his Papaw.
Taylor with her Papaw. Look at that cute grin on her face!

Chad and his girls....Taylor was too busy running around with Lauren to pose with us on this one!

Papaw and Courtlyn

Chad and his little sister Dee. Unfotunately, it's a rare moment when we get to see Dee and I took advantage and snapped a picture. Dee is busy with PTA school and we are busy chasing two girls! We don't get to see her as much as we'd like to but we love her bunches and are SOOOOO proud of her for chasing her dream....she graduates in May --- YEAH!!!

The great-grandkids...I almost typed "in rare form" but who would I be kidding?

Just hangin' out.

Friday, November 9, 2007

It is what it is

I have found myself marveling everyday actions and architectural wonders. I want to know why and how. For instance, aren't skyscrapers truly amazing. 65 stories piled on top of each other. 64 floors of people walking on top of other people. Electricity ran ALL OVER this building. Windows that are proportionate in shape and size. WOW. And cruise ships. Traveling cities on water. Who knows how many gazillions of tons of metal, furniture, food, people and equipment are floating in the middle of the ocean.....FLOATING. How? Courtlyn....Why? Why does she insist on taking off one sock but leaving the other one on. For hours. Even as she sleeps. Is she evening out her body temperature? And it's never the same foot. Just whichever one she decides needs to go. Or maybe she has a method...guess I'll never know. Why does Jessica Simpson tripping on a walkway make headline news? Why? Now I love some Jessica Simpson...more than one should I'm sure but please only alert me if she's re-uniting with Nick, gaining 20 pounds or firing her dad. I think I think too much.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


We went Trick or Treating this year again in Nana and Papaw's neighborhood. It's the best trick or treating around! They fed us chili and let us hang out at their house in between trips out around the neighborhood! Carly and her boyfriend, Tim and his precious daughter, Allie joined us this year. My babies both dressed up as cheetahs - if Allie would have dressed up as a cheetah too, I'd have had "The Cheetah Girls"! ( Those of you who have young girls will know what I'm referring too! ). We had a really good time and the weather was perfect. I even got into the spirit and dressed up this year too! I haven't done that in many many years!!!
Me with Allie and Taylor acting goofy!
The girls posed all pretty for their graveyard shot!

Courtlyn didn't seem to mind her headband like I just knew she would! I think she knew she was dressing up like the big girls so she just played along!

Carly was a SCARY SKELETON and I was a ..............Deviled Egg!

Taylor is getting so big and I know I'm her Momma and I'm bound to say that but really now.....look how CUTE she is!!!

And this one sure ain't hurting for cuteness herself! She's a dollface! She LOVES LOVES LOVES to wear her shoes and socks!

My Big Cheetah baby posing with her Momma, the Deviled Egg. At first she was slightly appalled that I was going to wear this to work but in the end she decided I was a pretty cool Mom afterall! Plus I won Second Place in the Costume Contest at work and that bought me cool points as well.