Thursday, November 1, 2007


We went Trick or Treating this year again in Nana and Papaw's neighborhood. It's the best trick or treating around! They fed us chili and let us hang out at their house in between trips out around the neighborhood! Carly and her boyfriend, Tim and his precious daughter, Allie joined us this year. My babies both dressed up as cheetahs - if Allie would have dressed up as a cheetah too, I'd have had "The Cheetah Girls"! ( Those of you who have young girls will know what I'm referring too! ). We had a really good time and the weather was perfect. I even got into the spirit and dressed up this year too! I haven't done that in many many years!!!
Me with Allie and Taylor acting goofy!
The girls posed all pretty for their graveyard shot!

Courtlyn didn't seem to mind her headband like I just knew she would! I think she knew she was dressing up like the big girls so she just played along!

Carly was a SCARY SKELETON and I was a ..............Deviled Egg!

Taylor is getting so big and I know I'm her Momma and I'm bound to say that but really now.....look how CUTE she is!!!

And this one sure ain't hurting for cuteness herself! She's a dollface! She LOVES LOVES LOVES to wear her shoes and socks!

My Big Cheetah baby posing with her Momma, the Deviled Egg. At first she was slightly appalled that I was going to wear this to work but in the end she decided I was a pretty cool Mom afterall! Plus I won Second Place in the Costume Contest at work and that bought me cool points as well.


Chuck, Elizabeth, Carter, & Baby #2 said...

Jam- You are too funny! Your girls look adorable!!

Anonymous said...

They both looked really cute; you didn't look so bad yourself:)


Grammy said...

You have the cutest family!!! I cant believe how grown-up Taylor is and Courtlyn is ADORABLE. E's mom/Amy