Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pumpkin Hill

We went to Pumpkin Hill tonight just to look around and see what it was all about. We're going back next week to take the hayride to the pumpkin field and pick us out a Jack-O-Lantern! We went ahead and took some pics tonight while we had Aunt Sarah's camera! Ours is malfunctioning so Sarah was sweet enough to loan us hers. That's how I know she trusts me! I'm sure more will follow after next weekend but I had to share these now because they are so cute! Notice Courtlyn's cute Halloween socks courtesy of Gram and Taylor's Spider Web earrings she picked out herself! Happy Fall Ya'll!

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Chuck, Elizabeth, Carter, & Baby #2 said...

Adorable pictures!!!! Love Courtlyns little skirt and Taylor is getting so big!