Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day

The above picture is a shameless advertisement for my precious friend Courtney and her business...she makes and sells these too cute dresses and many other baby items. Check her out at the link to the left - Maddie Moo's Boutique. She's also on MySpace as my # 8 friend!

Today we had a very busy Thanksgiving! We went to Monterey to hang out at Pa Becks - thats up in the mountains for those of you who don't know and it was 37 degrees! Yuck. It started sleeting right before we left. It's hard to believe it was 70 something degrees yesterday. We had a fantastic feast at my Pa's house. We had more food than we knew what to do with. It was so yummy. We went by and visited with my Dad's side and Courtlyn ran around the house the whole time with my Aunt Tina's broom. She's my little sweeper....have to cash in on that when she's old enough to figure out how to use the dust pan!
Next, we came back home and went to Nana and Papaw's where we ate AGAIN! And it was fantastic too! My sister-in-law made a CARAMEL PIE!!! I ate a piece even when I didn't need to. Then she let me take the rest of it home...and I've already dipped into it once. I love her for letting me have it but it's gonna put 5 pounds on my backside!
We're very lucky to have such wonderful families and fortunate to have them close by so we can see them often.
I feel fortunate to have such an amazing husband who is an extraordinary father to our two precious, beautiful, sweet daughters. Life is crazy and busy and overwhelming all the time. But ... at the end of the day there's nothing better than spending time with my family, putting the kids down for the night and snuggling on the couch with my very best friend. I am so thankful for our relationship, our children, our home, our family, friends and church family. We feel blessed to be where we are right now and look forward to the future!

Taylor and Courtlyn were kissing each other through the door. It was so sweet!

Me and my sweet little neice, Hannah. She says the FUNNIEST things!

Taylor and Hannah

Isn't she sooooooooo pretty!

Me and my favorite cousin, Jennifer.

Courtlyn was playing her new favorite game - "Get ( fill in the blank )'s nose.
Today the lucky contestant in this picture is Gram!

Mommy and her BIG baby. Love her!

She says she loves me too. =)

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Chuck, Elizabeth, Carter, & Mason said...

Cute, cute pictures!! It makes me so happy to see you SO happy. LOVE Courtlyns little turkey dress, she is getting so big. Love you!