Friday, November 9, 2007

It is what it is

I have found myself marveling everyday actions and architectural wonders. I want to know why and how. For instance, aren't skyscrapers truly amazing. 65 stories piled on top of each other. 64 floors of people walking on top of other people. Electricity ran ALL OVER this building. Windows that are proportionate in shape and size. WOW. And cruise ships. Traveling cities on water. Who knows how many gazillions of tons of metal, furniture, food, people and equipment are floating in the middle of the ocean.....FLOATING. How? Courtlyn....Why? Why does she insist on taking off one sock but leaving the other one on. For hours. Even as she sleeps. Is she evening out her body temperature? And it's never the same foot. Just whichever one she decides needs to go. Or maybe she has a method...guess I'll never know. Why does Jessica Simpson tripping on a walkway make headline news? Why? Now I love some Jessica Simpson...more than one should I'm sure but please only alert me if she's re-uniting with Nick, gaining 20 pounds or firing her dad. I think I think too much.

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Sarah Hadzor said...

I think you are right, you do think to much. But now that I have sat here and read your thoughts while you were thinking too much, I am reminded how much I love my yaya, even if she thinks too much!