Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day

This was Courtlyn's very first Independence Day! We had a wonderful time at a cookout with our friends but it was bittersweet because Taylor wasn't with us this year! She is at church camp for the first time. Quite a few firsts for us this week! I'm sure she is having a blast with all her friends, swimming, doing crafts and worshipping the Lord! However, we sure miss her like crazy! Courtlyn really really enjoyed the fireworks. We were quite surprised that they didn't scare her at all. She kicked her legs like crazy and laughed everytime they went off. She also had her very first cupcake at the cookout. We consider it good practice for our first birthday cake coming up next month! She enjoyed it thoroughly and is ready for her big day!

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Chuck, Elizabeth, & Carter said...

She is so cute!! I know you hear all the time, but could she seriously look any more like her Daddy?