Thursday, April 3, 2008

March 2008

Our household never stops but I decided I needed to share some pics from this past month because my babies are growing up before my eyes. Its devastating to watch time steal them away from me but it is such a joy to see them together, growing and developing a bond only sisters can share. These pics are not in any specific order and I apologize but it's late and I'm exhausted! In the picture above, Chad was checking Stella for ticks.....Courtlyn was helping =)
Chad is teaching Courtlyn all about "hoops" . I told him someday this picture will be framed next to the one of her shooting a three pointer to win the National Championship game. He just grinned and nodded his head.....I'm pretty sure he was holding back a tear.

Taylor had her Annual Sock Hop last week at school. Its a HUGE event and the kids love it. Almost every single kid who attends is dressed to the nines...even 1/2 the parents get into it. Its really fun and the kids have a blast. It lasted from 6:30 to 9:00! Whats the big deal with that you ask? Well its way past our bedtimes!!! Chad and I were exhausted when it was all over with!

Look at those choppers!

Dressed up pretty for Easter in her pretty pink dress. It's a shame it was so cold outside and we couldn't really show it off!

Taylor really loved her Easter dress - she said she felt like she should be attending a conference. And she did look that way! It almost broke me down! Just look at her - she is 1/2 grown. I mean seriously....we are 7 1/2 years away from driving! If that times flies by as quickly as the last 8 1/2 years, I'm definitely going to need some nerve pill of some kind.

Easter morning - the girls were pumped. And just notice how pumped Daddy looks to be up at 7 a.m. doing the "Easter Basket Thing".

This one right here is a CHATTER BOX. I don't think it's normal how much this one talks. She can answer almost any question appropriately and only has to hear or see something once and she has the hang of whatever it is! She LOVES to sing and her favorites right now are "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Happy Birthday to You". She's just learning "Old McDonald Had a Farm" and its so cute to hear her do her E-I-E-I-O! She wakes up every morning like a ray of sunshine. She pops right up in the bed with a "Hi, Mommy" or "Hi, Daddy" and then breaks into a sunrise rendition of "Twinkle Star". I know I'm her Mommy but I don't care who you are that's just stinkin' cute. She just turned 20 months old yesterday. It's hard to believe she is almost TWO! Geez...

We had Spring Break / Vacation a couple of weeks ago and the first day and 1/2 of it was decent but the rest of the week was AWFUL. Chad and I had a debilitating stomach bug and it took us a hundred hours to recuperate. We did manage to get to the Discovery Centre in Murfreesboro one day to visit Elizabeth, Carter and her new precious son, Mason ( see above ). Dee and Hannah came along to play too - we really enjoyed that because life is busy and we don't get to see them enough! We met up with Joy, Wyatt and Abigail later at the park. That was fun too but let me tell ya - 7 little kids runnin' around at a crowded park = NERVE-WRECKING. Again, I think Liz and I both could have used a Nerve pill....somehow, Joy was calm and cool as a cucumber....good for her. I, myself was worried sick about everybody getting lost. However, we all made it home with right kids and I can't wait to get together with them all again soon. ( hint, hint )

CUTE - doesn't it look like she has a giant curl like rat tail sticking out of the back of her head?

Hannah playing in the Canal Exhibit at the Discovery Centre. She was really concentrating on making her boat float...see her tongue sticking out?

Taylor paddling through the Discovery Centre. Again, looking all grown up...did I mention we can almost share shoes?

Courtlyn really enjoyed playing in the water - the challenge was keeping her from drinking it.


Anonymous said...

Jamie, I love the pics and keeping up with your family. I understand about growing up so fast. I don't know if you read our blog but Grace is a little lady too, they would probably get along well!! Grace mentioned that she wish she had gotten her teeth whitened for pics last week at school!!! but she still closes her eyes when people kiss on TV! It is crazy!! Maybe this summer we can get them together. Take care and keep in touch!

Chuck, Elizabeth, Carter, & Mason said...

Yeah, finally new pics!! It was so great seeing you and your family a couple weeks ago. We need to do that more often. But I know its hard, everyone stays so busy with families. I definitely could have used an extra strength nerve pill at the park! It was fun though.
Your girls are so adorable! They have an amazing Mommy. Love ya

Joy said...

Glad you finally added some new pics! I was glad to see you guys at the playground the other day, it was so nice to get out with the nice weather. Yea it was a bit crouded there but like you said we made it home with the right kids somehow:) Just remember also I have been chasing 2 around for two years now so I had a bit of practice.

And about Taylor almost being able to wear your shoes-If you didn't have an abnormally small foot she wouldn't!

I wish you guys were closer so we could see you more often. We need to do a girls dinner out again that was fun last time.

Please stay on top of this blog thing I really need to see more of the oh so cute one and the almost grown up one, and I guess a pic or 2 of you and the Mr is ok!