Thursday, September 27, 2007

Glimpses of Our Lives....

As all of you know I am rarely very far from my camera. Here's a few pics I've captured lately - just ordinary moments in our everyday lives. Thats my big baby after her soccer game last weekend.
I LOVE to watch these two together in the mornings. Courtlyn loves to lay in the bed with Daddy while Mommy gets ready for work.

Courtlyn in her big girl shoes.

Baby feet....I love them.

Taylor and Courtlyn reading for A.R. points!

Look at those eyes! She was trying to crawl into my camera!


Anonymous said...

So you are like the 5th family we have seen that have the same furniture we have!! I have never had that happen before. Must be some pretty popular sofa sets!! We love it, too comfortable!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously could she be any cuter. I miss you alot we REALLY need to get together sometime before our kids are grown!!