Thursday, September 13, 2007

Just an update...

One year ago this week - Courtlyn was 1/2 the size and Taylor was missing a lot more hair!
Daddy & Courtlyn : I mean really, could they look any more alike? I don't care what color I put her in people always say "Oh look at him" or "He's just like his Daddy". Well, yeah...except for the pink polka dot shirt and matching hairbow, I'd say you really nailed it. I guess it's the eyebrows but I don't see anything boyish about my pretty girl.

And who is this ??? I remember holding this little peanut in my arms and cuddling with her in the mornings. Now she takes up most of the bed and puts her feet in my fast they grow.

Don't she look like a big girl. It almost made me cry. Almost. She looked so darn cute walking around the house in her jeans and shoes - I cannot believe she's 13 months old already. We still only have two teeth but that doesn't hold us back from eating everything in sight. The hair's also being stubborn and refusing to grow. Mommy has lots of big bows and she's ready to use them!

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Chuck, Elizabeth, Carter, & Baby #2 said...

Ok, this brought tears to my eyes. I already emailed Joy today telling her I got depressed after looking at pictures of our kids just a year ago. They were so little and now look at all 5 of them!! Your girls are getting so big and more beautiful everyday.
Miss you!