Monday, October 13, 2008

Magan's Party and My Cute Kids.

Meet my dear, precious friend Magan - she IS the life of the party. Each and EVERY time. I love her fiercely. She is an amazingly strong female. And we can never have enough of those in our circle =) Right, Mags???
A Jamie Sandwich.
Those two beside me look like they could be related, huh?

Me with Shansheree, Mag's and Steph. We decided our Destin trip should be a yearly gig.
I haven't shared that conclusion with my husband just yet but I'm sure in another year he will agree with me that I am in desperate need of a "Girls Weekend". Isn't that right dear?

Carley, Steph, Me, Cristina, Mags, and Shannon

Just look at my little Titan Cheerleader. We suited up for "Halloween at the Park" on Saturday but we did not last long there. It was HOT. Felt like July instead of October. Where's our cool crisp fall breezes? I'm ready to bust out the long sleeve t-shirts and jeans. Instead I'm sporting jean shorts and sleeveless T's. Unbelievable.

Look at my little hippie. Throwing up her peace sign. Now that is truly unbelievable. Seems like just yesterday I was teaching her to make that sign but it was to tell people she was "2". TWO!!! Plus 7. Amazing. Absolutely Amazing.

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