Thursday, October 9, 2008

Small Update

Today I took Courtlyn to get some ice cream at Dairy Queen for "Mommy and Me" time. As you can tell by the pictures here....I don't think she enjoyed it very much!

Ordinary pic of Taylor eating cereal but looking at this picture, I am struck by how big my baby is and how grown up she is starting to look. S-A-D.

My pretty cute them something fierce!

We took Courtlyn to the Pumpkin Patch last weekend while Sisser spent the night with Gram. She thought it was FANTASTIC. She picked out her own pumpkin to decorate and once we finished with that she wouldn't let me or Daddy hold it for her. She insisted on carrying it all the way to the car. She struggled the whole time but she smiled all the way!

We also went to Liz and Chuck's for a cookout on Saturday night.
Amanda, Jason, Gabriel and Adam joined us and that was so much fun!
I tried to be creative and make a collage from that night to post on my blog
but I could not figure out how to make that happen so......Jo or Liz feel free to send me instructions on how to make that happen! Thanks ahead of time=).


Elizabeth said...

Very cute pics! I love Courtlyn, she is such a doll. And yes Taylor looks so grown up in that pic. She's so pretty.
You need Picasa 3. Go to google and search Picasa 3 and you can download it. Thats how we do the collages.

Joy said...

ditto on the collage thing, it is pretty easy.

that cheese face is totally cracking me up.

I was beginning to wonder if you were still here in blog world I haven't heard from you in so long.